On the right of Tanaro river, in the middle of Piedmont, in high Montferrat, there is Costigliole (it means “coast of lime-tree”). Costigliole is overlooked by the castle (XIV-XV century) containing all the history of the country. People know that on these steeps and beautiful lands the Sobrino’s family has grown vines transmitting passion, art and culture of labour for many generations. The grape - growing Farm of the “Farmstead of Cavagnè” is a family - run business. This farm is in Costigliole of Asti, between Langa and Montferrat. It’s very well disposed zone at 300 meters over sea level: so the wine - tendril “Barbera” can give the best results.



On these hills the exposure and the peculiarity of the land are particularly propitions to grow wine, so the Sobrinos can obtain many different varieties of wines: Barbera, Moscato, Arneis, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo. The oldest stumps don’t give a lot of grapes, but they are rich in quality: for this reason they are jealously preserved for the ideathat great wine is produced by the vine. Overlooking the efficient facing South position of lands and with a severe but also open - mind conduction in modern philosophies of integrative fight for low environment conditions, it is possible to obtain qualified grapes (with right balance between flavour and sweet spices) to obtain high quality wines, thanks to the right balance between flavour and sweet aromas.


Wine Cellar

For the use of modern but also traditional technology of wine - cellars and the particular care in every stage of the productive process, from ripening to improving of the best stoks of grapes in oak barrels, the excellent quality of our wines is warranted.

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